Mercedes Ute lands down under

Mercedes Ute lands down under

​Australia has taken delivery of the first utes built by Mercedes. In fact, demand has been so high that Mercedes-Benz said they had underestimated public demand from Australia. Given now that the ute is gender neutral, as well as cashed up tradies making orders like crazy, they're making a dent in the SUV buyer market these days too - and it appears that the dollar tag is not stopping folks. Price estimates are set to be well above $60K AUD.

Its underpinnings come from the Nissan Nevara after some teamwork between the big M-B and the guys at Nissan but Merc will power it with its own V6 engine, tech and safety bits. It'll also have a wider track and body than the Nevara and to assure people it's not a Nissan, Mercedes are making sure the suspension is tuned to their specs alongside unique steering.

Can't wait to drive one...

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