Track your car cheaply, with your smartphone!

Track your car cheaply, with your smartphone!

Lost your car and can't remember where you parked? It happens to the best of us; wandering aimlessly through carparks, clicking your key remote alarm to make your headlights blink.

You don't need expensive uber-gadgets to find your car anymore. Uplinking your ride to the interweb-big-brother without killing your wallet is a lot easier now.

Standalone GPS and radio triangulation units can cost heaps, and that's not counting the installation plus the often expensive activation and monthly fees associated with whatever service you choose. For most of us, it's overkill. The good news is that new technology is awesome and fixes these little first world problems. If you frequently lose your car, there is a tiny gadget and app that could be what you're after.

Revolutionising the market is a small coin sized device called TrackR. It's easy to use and setup takes about 5 minutes by pairing it to your iPhone or Android device and downloading the corresponding app. Bingo-bango, you're ready to locate your car anytime.

You can use the device for other things too, like your keys, wallet.... small children - it's all about you becoming a responsible finder of things - In this case, your car.

Just open the app on your mobile and you can see the position of your device on the map. If you lose your car, simply select 'find device' and you'll get the coordinates of the new location. I mean, really, sometimes the car might have things to do while you're away, so it pays to keep tabs.

So, how much is it? A measly $39 AU or there abouts. Not bad, eh! Check out their website here.

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