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Classic Ferrari sold for “SILLY” money. $51 Million AUD. Now the world’s most expensive car

Classic Ferrari sold for “SILLY” money. $51 Million AUD. Now the world’s most expensive car

Just when you thought classic car values couldn't go any higher, a super rare 1957 Ferrari 335 S sports racer sold for a whopping $36.2 million USD.

That's more than most of us will earn in several lifetimes.

Think about it, $36 million dollars, I fail to get my head around such an astronomical sum for just one car.

It's a question of supply and demand; there were only 4 produced in the series. Having a fine racing pedigree behind it makes it even more desirable. The Uber rich are happy to splash big numbers on such rare machines.

Let's not forget the car is a thing of timeless beauty yet also has the bite to back up its looks. If you're a Ferrari fan you'll recognise it has the Scaglietti stamp all over it. Scaglietti, the famous coach builder also responsible for probably the best known car of all time, the Ferrari 250 GTO.

Its 60 degree V12 engine displaced 4.0 litres, produced 287 Kw @ 7,400 rpm, and had a top speed of 300Kmh. Mind bending performance for the period.

It took part in the 1957 Le Mans 24 hours and set the fastest lap time at an average of over 120mph!

The shame of it all is that the car is now so valuable, that it will probably never turn a wheel in anger again.

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