Top Gear says bye-bye to Chris Evans

Well, a lot of us have seen this coming for a while... 6 episodes ago - but I digress. It seems Chris Evans has finally come to the conclusion that he is indeed not the right fit for BBC's front runner, Top Gear. With rumoured claims of co-star Matt Le-Blanc's ultimatum that he would quit the show if Evans was back on board for another season and combined ratings drops every week, we can't help but surmise that this combination of media outcomes was only going to end one way. 

It appears there'll also be little sympathy for Evans regardless of his previous popularity and respect as a celebrity, as the reaction from the public of his ego outweighing the requirements of what it takes to fit in Top Gear shoes. That being said, lets give the lad some slack for responding to the BBC's pitch in the beginning.

We recently viewed a short interview with Fifth Gear presenter Vicki Butler-Henderson who gave a very impartial and fair opinion on recent criticism of  the show's rebirth. Most notably was her comment questioning why the writers didn't take the opportunity to completely reinvent and restyle the show to limit comparison cancer. We'd agree with that.

All roads are pointing to Le-Blanc taking the reins of the show and we'd welcome more equality toward the rest of the crew... that being said, if Eddie Jordan took his not remotely funny spoons, to exit stage left, we'd consider it an improvement as well... just sayin!

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