2010-2012 Volvo S60

2010-2012 Volvo S60

Listing a Volvo in Wheeldeals? Are you kidding? No, we kid you not and believe us when we say Grampa's S60 might blow you off at the lights!

Have you heard the adage, "You know you're getting older when you think a Volvo is cool."

Well, strap yourselves in cos.' the S60 is way cool. The Swedes may be a sober bunch, but that doesn't mean they aren't capable of some excellent engineering and with a bit of hot sauce to boot.

And that's where the Volvo S60 steps in. Used 2010 to 2012 S60's have reached the sweet spot in the used car arena, you can pick up some spotless examples with not too many K's on the clock from $17,000 AUD, these things started at $60,000 when new!

We all know you get reliability and world renown safety with the Volvo brand but what you might not know is the S60 can also get up and boogie. It could be the ultimate sleeper, and if that's your thing, maybe it's time to check the S60 out.

If you can find yourself an S60 T6 or S60 T6-R, you'll be in for a helluva ride. We're talking a Turbo Intercooled inline 3.0-litre six cylinder engine developing 224kW @ 5600rpm and a peak torque of 440Nm @ 2100-4200rpm, that's up there with a Subaru STI. Rolling acceleration; well it punches harder than our Subie, and that says something! It also comes equipped with a sophisticated AWD drivetrain with six-speed automatic transmission.

Not sold yet? Those Swedes are also famous for their design, and the S60 is a standout. Power windows, front power seats, Bluetooth, USB, SATNAV, 12 speaker infotainment system with multifunction display, wood and leather trim (depending on model). It's also one the world's first cars to employ active safety aids, like crash avoidance, brake assistance, pedestrian detection and electronic brake distribution. To top it off it sits on tough looking 18" alloys.

Because you haven't spent all your money on the S60, you can go out and have a traditional Swedish meatball meal at Ikea. Sorted!

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