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The 28 NOT most beautiful cars in the world Part 3

The 28 NOT most beautiful cars in the world Part 3

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1962 Ferrari 250 GTO

Universally considered the most desirable car in the world and record holder several times over for the worlds most expensive car, even people who don't get cars know what this is. The last one sold, changed hands at $38 Million USD. That's an obscene amount of money for just one car. But is it cool? This car is a raw interpretation of speed and grace. Just remember this was designed without the aid of computers, no CAD, no drafting. Every sinuous line was developed by eye, from master craftsman Sergio Scaglietti. He said he could intuitively see what lines were needed as he hand crafted the now famous shape from sheet aluminium. The GTO was also the first car to seriously tackle aerodynamic lift at high speeds and undergo wind tunnel testing. The result; the now famous CAN AM rear end with spoiler, unique and totally unheard of up to that point. It also totally dominated the International Championship for GT Manufacturers in 1962, 1963, and 1964 winning it's class. At the time it was totally unbeatable and thus its legend only grew. Drivers all gushed about the cars predictable nature and bullet proof drive train. This was probably the last car that you could race on Sunday and drive on Monday, and many owners did just that, driving the car they entered to and from the event. If that's not cool I don't know what is. Picture Source: Ferrari

1966 Lamborghini Muira

True car legends are few and far between and the Muira is one of them. It was the first 'supercar', heralding many firsts such as being the first production car to apply a mid-mounted engine. Reaction to the car at the 1966 Geneva Motor show made it the star of the event and gave Ferrari a big headache. Everybody agreed Lamborghini was ahead of the game. At the time Ferrari was still employing front-mounted engines which now seemed old fashioned compared to the Miura. When we say, "the worlds first supercar", we aren't just bandying about words, the numbers tell the story. In its final form, top speed was 300Kmh, 0 to 100Kmh in the mid 5's and the quarter mile in 13.5 seconds. Performance which up till then was unheard of and is still quick even by todays standards... and that is cool. Picture Source: Walfon

1972 Maserati Merak

Here is another car that is just about the cool factor. The Merak was overly expensive, mechanically temperamental, a finicky Italian exotic - but no one could argue about the cars presence. It had it, in spades. The price of ownership was more about the mental toll it took to run one. Will it or won't it start today? Now however, if you've got the patience and the coin, the mechanical issues can be sorted. What you'll have is a truly unique vehicle. This is probably the last exotic that has slipped under the radar and can be had for not crazy money. Picture Source: Icarimage

1955 300SL Gullwing

Talk about iconic, the 1955 300SL Gullwing was it. I'm not a huge fan of the Benz marque but as one of the worlds first auto manufacturers they deserve kudos and respect. In their long history there have been many milestones and the Gullwing was one of them. For a conservative brand the Gullwing is anything but... and for innovation, gullwing doors must be the coolest thing ever. This car was aesthetically near perfect. Attention to detail was applied as only the Germans can do. It was all about the symmetry. For example, the car only needed one power bulge as the carbies on the straight six protruded into the bonnet. The Germans would have none of that, so they added a second fake one to even it up. It's little things like that which got the classic Gullwing on to the list. Picture Source: Gullwing Motoring Chat

1978 Porsche 930

My old man said, "They look like a fat frog". That's how he summed up the 930 and I can't help but agree a little. I mean look at it, it's just so out there. The outrageous whale tail spoiler, the pumped out guards that look like they've been over inflated, the squat stance. It's hideous, but it's not. I loved it then and I love it now. I want one in my garage just to look at it, I don't think I'd drive it. Performance was stellar and up to 9/10ths, its road holding ability is without question, but get it wrong beyond that point and it will kill you. For those with the skill, taming the savage beast that is the 930 has to be cool. Picture Source: 911 Guide

2012 Jaguar XKR S Coupe

I nearly forgot to add a Jag to the list, a mate pointed out, "What no Jag?". Of course there has to be a Jag. The name is so cool I'd buy one just to roll it off the tongue. Say it out loud, "The Jaaaaaag". Doesn't that feel good, you bet. It was hard to pick just one Jag, they've had so many milestones. I decided on something a little more recent. Styling wise this has to be close to the nirvana of an Aston Martin. Like the Aston, the XKR just oozes class but that doesn't mean this car is just for show. No, this Brit is a true belter as well, and the sonics on this thing are to die for. Enough said. Picture Source: Nectar Show

1996 Subaru Impreza WRX STI

Why is the '96 WRX on the list? Because it brought hi-tech turbo all wheel drive to the masses and at a price point that no other manufacturer could touch at the time. The Japanese made everyone stand up and take notice. It outgunned the Europeans, left the Americans for dead and went on to win numerous World Rally Championships. The car was so outrageously fast for it's time that only now in 2015, the current WRX STI approaches the outright performance to the original. To get anything near what the rexxie can do you'd have to spend 3 times as much. Now that is cool. Picture Source: Car Zombie

1990 Toyota Supra

What can be said of the 1990 Supra and what makes it cool? To be realistic you have to acknowledge that the 1990 Supra is a copy of the American muscle car ethos at the time. Look at the Camaro from the same period and you'll see what I mean. Does that make it bad? No, that makes it great, for whilst it mimics its American counterparts, it still has its own unique flavour. I ached to own one when it was released but at the time I just couldn't afford it. Now it's a dream project car of mine, to get one and restore it to showroom condition. That would be awesome. Picture Source: Car Zombie

2015 Tesla Model S

Last but by no means least on the list is the 2015 Tesla Model S. Why did it make the grade? Well this car is a game changer. It ticks all the boxes, it has presence, it is stylish, goes like a scolded cat and here's the kicker - no petrol engine in sight. Elon Musk, Tesla's driving force is an innovator, the Henry Ford of our time. He is paving the way for a new car industry and is proving that cars can be environmentally friendly and involving at the same time. Such is the impact of the Tesla that all the other manufacturers are now hard set on releasing their own range of purely electric powered vehicles. While everyone else races ahead to catch up, Tesla pushes forward. I believe as a result we will see a new golden age for the motor car. Exciting times ahead. Picture Source: Tesla

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The 28 NOT most beautiful cars in the world Part 2
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