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Being an avid car lover, Carligious is my elected platform to talk about the wonderful device that is the motor vehicle. And if you're not sure, yes I especially love Ferraris

Rimac Concept One: proof positive, EV's will reign supreme.

Rimac Concept One: proof positive, EV's will reign supreme.

If it wasn't obvious, Ferrari's are my thing - and a lot like an AFL footy supporter, I can be pretty one-eyed, though, my car has all four wheels. I will also accept that there are a lot of great cars out there that don't have Ferrari badges.

Old Enzo was infamous for resisting change until it was plain as the nose on his face that he needed to. Like adopting mid-engines in his road cars, Ferrari was one of the last sports car makers to do so. 'Who puts the horse before the cart', was one of his well-known sayings.

It seems Enzo's Italianate stubbornness is still present in Ferrari management as they are vehement in their attitude to an all EV vehicle. In 2011, former Ferrari chairman, Luca di Montezemolo stated, "Ferrari will Never Manufacture an Electric Car".

I love the internal combustion engine, but even blind Freddy can see a change is afoot. When your premier, number one, hyper ballistic supercar gets soundly beaten by an EV upstart, you'd better start taking notice. 

And that's just what the Rimac Concept One did to the Ferrari LaFerrari, again and again. Not only has it given the LaFerrari a spanking, but it has also shown a clean pair of heels to the Porsche 918 Spyder. UGH! 

You might be thinking it's the end of the world, it's anything but, the EV is heralding a new age. An age where EV's prove they can be every bit as exciting as their petrol-powered cousins. Change is good people, and while it may be a little confronting when your team (or car) gets soundly smacked it means your team has to lift their game. That or get out.

So while Ferrari is currently in denial about the possibility of building an all-electric car, imagine when they do how awesome will it be. If anyone can get it right, surely Ferrari can. 

There's no fighting the change, it's inevitable, don't believe it, check out the YouTube videos showing just how dominant the Rimac Concept One is.

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