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Poetry & Power: The 1965 GT40 Roadster

Poetry & Power: The 1965 GT40 Roadster

​No true car enthusiast is going to argue that the seminal GT40 is anything but a milestone car. Talk about instant classic. The GT40 is just one of those cars that pulls at the heart strings, a unique piece of automotive history and a car famous for beating Ferrari on the hallowed turf of Le Mans no less.

At the 1966 Le Mans 24 hours the GT40 placed 1st, 2nd and 3rd  - no mean feat.

Looking at the GT40 is like looking at a time machine - it so captures the essence of the period it came from, where racers were combatants - almost super human, man against man in high speed racing chariots and one mistake at 200mph hour could mean instant death.

No computer aides for these heroes, little or no safety built into the machines they raced. Everything was gloriously mechanical. Defeat or victory relied purely on the skill of those piloting.

I often imagine what it would be like to drive a car like that? The noise, the smells, the brute rawness of it all and the sensation of speed unfiltered by all the technology we take for granted today.

To be able to connect with a car like the GT40 is on my bucket list. I'm sure the queue to get behind the wheel of a genuine GT40 stretches off into the horizon.

Considering there were only around 105 genuine GT40's made, you can see why they're so highly prized.

To a GT40 fan there is only one car that is prized more and that is the roadster version. It takes what was already a classic shape where they then poured extra passion all over it to come up with a delectable piece of art. The GT40 roadster.

Poetry and power, enough said.

Picture Source: RM Auctions

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