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Mama Mia, Ferrari 458 MM Speciale

Mama Mia, Ferrari 458 MM Speciale

It must be all right for some or in this case, for one. A wealthy Ferrari aficionado from Britain has commissioned the marque to create this one-off masterpiece. Based on the highly revered 458 Speciale.

Weather the MM moniker is an homage to the Mille Miglia, the famous Italian thousand mile dash that was run from 1927 to 1957 is not known.

What we can say is that it was designed by the Ferrari Styling Center and it's said to take its styling cues from early 80's Ferrari's such as the 288 GTO.

An instant classic with its bold Bianco Italia (white) paintwork and Tricolore (red, white & green) striping emblazoned down the centre.

With blacked-out A-pillars it gives the car the appearance of a 360 degree glass house.

Updates over the original donor vehicle include; custom aluminium bodywork and carbon-fibre composite bumpers, new side air scoop, new air intakes, a much more aggressive rear spoiler and custom gun mental grey rims (20's by the looks). All up, that's a Ferrari fans wet dream.

Just in case you forgot, as with the standard 458 Speciale, this baby runs the 0 to 100Kph dash in 3.0 seconds flat and 0 – 200Kph in a ludicrous 9.1 seconds topping out at 330Kph.


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