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Being an avid car lover, Carligious is my elected platform to talk about the wonderful device that is the motor vehicle. And if you're not sure, yes I especially love Ferraris

I don’t want to be a car snob.

I don’t want to be a car snob.

Ok, here's my dilemma. I love cars, almost as much as I like breathing but there's something I've just realised - a good friend pointed it out. I think I'm a car snob... No, I know I'm a car snob.

Now that I've decided to take this journey of sharing the love of all things auto-mobile, I find I'm struggling to be impartial. If I had it totally my way I'd only report on cars which give me the FIZZ. The same friend said it would turn out to be a Ferrari fest. I can see how that might be limited.

It was really brought home to me the other day how I have to open up my horizons. I was having lunch at our local shopping centre and a guy sitting near me was wearing a Holden hero shirt (HSV plastered all over it). We got to talking, I thought with him wearing that shirt we had to have something in common.

He loved cars, no doubt but as we continued talking about our shared passion, it was as if we were talking different languages. You see for him if it didn't have a Holden badge, it wasn't even a car. His focus was so narrow that when I mentioned a classic 66 Fastback Mustang, his eyes glazed over and he muttered something unintelligible,continuing to express why the VT SS Commodore was the greatest car ever built.

He asked me what my daily driver was, so when I told him he looked at me as if I had leprosy? I realised pretty quickly if I didn't attempt to speak 'Holden', things could get ugly. The term 'Bogan' (for you internationals, that's Aussie for 'low brow') came to mind as I continued talking with him and he must have thought I was Un-Australian. I managed to leave on good terms, and it now was indeed obvious to me that the VT SS Commodore was the best car ever built.

All of this made me realise that being so one eyed about my passion could mean I'm missing out on some really cool stuff. Like when I was made to try Octopus for the first time - I thought it would be disgusting. Turns out it's the bacon of the sea and man I love bacon. Now if I'd been insistent on not trying that Octopus I still wouldn't be eating it today.

So, I'm turning over a new leaf and will embrace all things. I won't turn up my nose just because the vehicle in question doesn't wear Italian coach work.

To prove I mean business for all you Australian pick-up truck fans out there, I'm happy to announce, the legendary RAM is now officially available down under.

Not that I understand what all the following means but it sure sounds impressive. How's this for some heavy duty specs.

2016 RAM LARAMIE 3500
Cummins 276Kw / 1048Nm torque 6.7 Litre Turbo Diesel Engine.
6 Tonne towing capacity at the pintle (That's good right?)
3 year 100,000 kilometre warranty.

This thing produces more torque than the LaFerrari hyper car and it can tow too. Try doing that with said Ferrari.

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