Dendrobium: Who the? What the?

Dendrobium: Who the? What the?

What the hell is a Dendrobium? Do these hypercar startups go out of their way to come up with crazy names?

I did a little digging, as crazy as the name sounds; it turns out the name Dendrobium is not so crazy after all. The Dendrobium will be the first hypercar to come out of Singapore, all-electric I might add.

The Dendrobium also happens to be an orchid native to Singapore, and the orchid being the countries national flower is highly revered by Singaporeans. See, it all makes sense! I still think it sounds weird.

The company building the Dendrobium is called Vanda Electrics, and they're going to debut the car at this year's Geneva Motor Show. If you believe the hype, Vanda Electric is coming out of the starting gates hard with their first hypercar offering; claiming 1500bhp and 0 to 100km/h time of 2.6 seconds is huge stuff.

The thing is now that Rimac and their Concept One have shown that electric hypercars are not only possible but they can dominate their petrol-powered cousins, you can't dismiss Vanda Electric's claims.

To add credibility, Vanda Electric have partnered withWilliams Advanced Engineering, yes that's the same Williams behind some the greatest Formula One cars of all time, for their technical expertise.

Is the world ready for an electric hypercar from Singapore? Time will tell.

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