UPDATE: CVT rumours for new Honda Civic Type R squashed.

UPDATE: CVT rumours for new Honda Civic Type R squashed.


The uproar over Honda stating the new Honda Civic Type R would come fitted with a controversial CVT transmission turns out to be a false rumour. Thank you oh great internot! Turns out everything you read on the internet is not true.

The rumour started due to miscommunication between journos and Honda Japan. Yes, there is a possibility of CVT transmissions, but only for the regular Civic lineup. Type R fans can breathe a sigh of relief.

The much-anticipated front wheel drive hyper hatch will ship with a conventional 6-speed manual transmission. The new Honda Civic Type R is gunning for the front wheel drive hot hatch crown, no doubt this automotive Samurai will decimate the current lap record held by the Golf R for the famed Nurburgring. Stay tuned for more...

Honda's new hyper-hatch, the 2017 Civic Type R, will use a CVT transmission, so the reports go. Controversial? Absolutely. Stupid, for sure.

What are the decision makers at Honda thinking, more likely what crazy juice are they imbibing? Hardcore Type R fans will be tearing their hair out. They would possibly accept a dual clutch unit over a much-loved manual, but a CVT, no way. 

Unless the boffins at Honda know something we don't, and they're introducing a revolutionary CVT transmission which is a fun drive, this decision will cause a huge backlash.

At Carligious we're yet to drive a CVT-equipped vehicle that we'd call an enthusiasts car.

We'd like to be proved wrong, and if anyone can do it, maybe Honda can.

Personally, I say a hyper hatch with CVT, bollocks is what it is.

Here's the Google search result for the definition of a CVT transmission, it may go someway to explaining why they suck.

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